Adventures in short-short fiction

Reading my flash fiction at Christopher Fielden’s charity anthology launch in London.

The Autumn series of flash fiction sessions is up and running at The Ram, Widcombe Bath 12.00 pm – 2.00 pm on Wednesdays. Contact me at my email address below, if you want to drop in. There’s sometimes room. You’ll learn about writing fiction under 1000 words. We’ll read different examples of the form, I’ll  prompt you to write, you’ll get feedback on your drafts and learn ways to hone your pieces ready for submission to magazines or contests.  Suitable for beginners or experienced writers interested in experimenting with the short-short form. Writing flash fiction can help you tighten your prose if you are writing longer fiction, or non-fiction. We’ll also look at compiling sequences of short pieces to create a novella or memoir in flash. We have a short break for lunch at 1.00 pm and you can buy food at the bar.  In The Ram, they serve very nice soup and sandwiches and larger lunches too.

£60 for six sessions via paypal here or you can pay by bank transfer if you email me